The Social Butterly Box- Winter Edition

We at Social Butterfly are always looking to grow and expand our reach to help empower and influence women to also grow and reach their highest goals. 2019 was a huge year for us and we were so excited to keep up that momentum and then 2020 came and put a pause on everything. Like many of you, we are super busy women and working moms trying to navigate this new way of living that 2020 brought to us. Though we are all trying to stay safe and maintain social distancing we still wanted to give women a way to connect for emotional and motivational support as well as give women a platform to showcase their businesses and products.

At the beginning of 2020 we had hoped things would resolve by the Fall or even Winter to come together for another networking event like we did for our 2019 event, but as we all know we are still very much in this pandemic and it has been an incredibly difficult year for all of us. So, we brainstormed as well as considered suggestions from our group members and came up with The Social Butterfly Box!

We wanted to find a way to showcase women-owned businesses as well as bring some much needed self-care cheer for the 2020 holidays. The Social Butterfly Box is a carefully curated subscription box filled with women-owned products to bring you some cheer, brighten your spirits and nourish your soul. We are so excited to introduce you to the following women-owned products and businesses that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Across The Causeway

“Eris” Earrings

Samantha at Across the Causeway beautifully handcrafts her polymer clay earrings that have become a huge hit in our hometown community of Port Isabel, Texas and beyond. Her limited releases sell-out FAST so we were beyond excited to have her gorgeous and unique earrings in the style “Eris” in our Winter Launch Box! If you snagged one of our boxes you are absolutely going to love the “Eris” style that brings a combination of a hoop and statement earring all in one. Be sure to follow her shop on Instagram @across_the_causeway, and  on Facebook and visit her Etsy shop  to get your hands on her next drop!

Blow Candle Co.

Tealight Candle Set

We are extremely excited about the tealight candle set from Blow Candle Co.! The set includes 4 warm and blissful scents called Oakmoss & Amber, Amber Noire, Sea Salt & Orchid and Pumpkin Spice Latte. Monique at Blow Candle Co., is truly an inspiration, not only does she want to fill our homes with her beautifully created scents made with premium, natural products but she also wants to encourage other women to follow their own dreams and create their own businesses too. She loves to give great advice and even has a portion of the proceeds from her sales go towards helping other women and women empowerment organizations. Be sure to follow her Instagram and Facebook

Chic Little Things Boutique

Pearl & Stud Headband

Chic Little Things is a small online-based boutique founded and owned by boss babe mom, Constance. Her shop specializes in women’s and children’s clothing and accessories that are always on trend. Whether you’re looking for boho clothes and accessories or chic handbags and outfits or a full glamour look, you can be sure to find something beautiful for you and your mini. The Pearl & Stud Headband from Chic Little Things is sure to add a bit of glamor and edge to any look. Whether you’re off to Target in sweats and a mom bun or about to hit the town in a dress and heels to kill this headband will definitely be a standout piece to your look. Give her shop a follow on Instagram @chic.littlethings and Facebook

Feather & Sage Apothecary

Palo Santo Cleansing Stick

What better way to end 2020 than with a good cleansing to get all the 2020 vibes out of our house and our lives?   Feather & Sage Apothecary has brought us Palo Santo Sticks to cleanse our homes of negative energies while enhancing the positive energies. Palo Santo can help reduce fatigue, stress and anxiety while enhancing clarity, positivity and joy. Feather and Sage Apothecary is a small woman-owned shop that specializes in natural hand made soaps, candles, cleansing sticks and other spiritual enhancing products. Be sure to follow @feather_and_sage apothecary on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her latest creations.


Lavender Facial Toner

Priscilla created FIREDAYS to build a brand of products made with clean and safe ingredients in hopes of providing people and families with products they can truly feel good about using for their bodies and their homes. The FIREDAYS Lavender Facial Toner is made with certified organic witch hazel and 100% organic essential oils. Many of us know the cleansing benefits of using witch hazel as a toner and we also know the relaxing benefits of lavender but, lavender can also help with killing bacteria, unclogging pores, reducing wrinkles while also soothing and brightening the skin and combining the two is sure to be a win-win. We think this toner will be a great addition to your skincare routine this winter to keep your skin glowing through the drying winter months. Follow FIREDAYS on Instagram @firedazed, Etsy and on Facebook

Gloss Boss Lip Gloss

Mini “Inez” Lip Gloss

Alexis Marie created Gloss Boss Lip Gloss to curate vegan lip glosses that come in beautiful hues while still nourishing your lips. We think this “Inez” color will definitely bring some brightness to this festive season while still protecting your lips during the harsh winter weather. Like Social Butterfly, Gloss Boss stands for the empowerment of women everywhere and strives to promote self-confidence as well as self-sufficiency through their products and actions. Make sure to follow Gloss Boss on Instagram @glossebosslipgloss_ and on Facebook


Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread Mix

Pumpkin Spice and Banana Bread in one? Yes, please! Banana bread was probably the most baked good of 2020 while we were all trying to keep busy during quarantine. Like me you’ve probably tried a few different top-rated recipes to find the best banana bread recipe. Now, thanks to best friend duo and Founders Annie and Morgan, GoNanas can take the guess work out of trying to make the best recipe and absolutely ensure you make the best banana bread with their banana bread mix. PLUS GoNanas is vegan, gluten-free and top allergen free, bringing you a delicious and health conscious comfort food thoughtfully made with clean ingredients. This bag has what you need to bake a warm and luscious banana bread to nourish and warm your soul this Holiday season. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @Go_Nanas and on Facebook

Magical Sleepovers

20% Off a Magical Sleepover Party

The Social Butterfly Winter Box will also feature an awesome 20% discount for a Magical Sleepovers Party! Magical Sleepovers is a small woman and veteran owned company that provides everything you need for a fun sleepover party for kids or even for a fun girls night in. They have multiple themes that are sure to be a big hit. Follow them on Instagram @magicalsleepoverssa and Facebook

Thank you so much to our vendors who collaborated with us to bring this amazing box to life and to everyone who subscribed to The Social Butterfly Box and bought our Winter Launch Box!! We could not have done this without your support and we look forward to bringing you even more women-owned products. Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram @thesocialbutterflybox and Facebook for our next Spring Box!! If you missed your chance to get our limited Winter Box, we have good news!! We are brining you even more boxes for our Spring Edition so make sure to join our waitlist at and tune in to our Instagram and Facebook pages for all the latest product announcements and updates!

-Risa G.