Amazing Brunch at the Rustic San Antonio

The Social Butterfly gals wanted to get together for brunch for some great brainstorming ideas on our the many exciting things we have coming up. Unfortunately our original spot was an hour long wait to we decided to try the place across the street and to say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. We were greeted by a smiling host and airy atmosphere with a wall of floor to ceiling windows that open up to a delightful back patio area equipped with a stage, picnic table seating and colorful swinging arm chairs.  We were seated at a cute u-shaped booth facing the patio and enjoyed finding new fun details to explore once we were done with our meal. Also pleasantly surprising was the brunch menu, you are provided with a list of items that are included and served family style with enough portions for your party at $16.95 a person, which was great because it took the guess work out of ordering and more time for us to discuss more important things. Of course it’s brunch and what’s brunch without a mimosa (or 4), they had classic mimosas and also mimosas with Rose’, “Which one would you like to try?” the waiter asks, a quick look at each other and an almost simultaneous “both” I clear up “We’ll take a carafe of both please.” Our carafes arrive promptly and happily “yum” and sip while we set dates and exchange ideas.

Soon our platters of food arrive and we are beyond pleased with the array of food perfectly crispy and spicy hot wings, thick and fluffy cuts of vanilla custard soaked toast (like French toast but better!), jalapeno and cheese polenta cakes in a bed of gravy, crunchy slices of avocado toast sprinkled with cotija cheese, perfectly creamy country baked eggs with cheese and spinach, a skillet piled with bacon and sausage links, a bed of greens tossed in a vinaigrette, cheese and fruit tray and our favorite part – assorted mini donuts!

Everything was amazing and so perfect for our meeting. We chatted and took notes while effortlessly choosing items to create our heavenly little brunch plates. Once we were done eating and sipping our perfect brunch we headed out to the patio for some great photo ops, the swinging arm chairs were especially fun. Just outside of the restaurant is an amazing wall of art the we loved and was a perfect end to a very productive brunch.